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About Jordan

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In Jordan, medical tourism generates substantial revenues annually. According to the World Bank Statistics, Jordan ranked first in the Middle East and fifth in the world in providing medical tourism services. Arab patients from Gulf States, Iraq, Yemen and Morocco receive treatment in a number of prestigious public and private hospitals in Jordan. Low costs and high quality attract patients to prefer Jordan compared to treatment costs in Europe and United States of America (USA). More importantly, Jordanian medical specialists enjoy unique expertise and experience in treating heart diseases, performing heart surgery and performing microsurgeries to eyes, kidney and lungs. Jordan provides treatment and entertainment at the same time. Jordan enjoys, by a bounty of Allah, all fundamentals of physiotherapy, including but not limited to: hot saltwater, lahar, mild weather and scenic nature. Therefore, Jordan become a preferable destination for treatment seekers. The most important treatment locations in Jordan include : Afra Hot Springs, Al-Himmah and Ma'in Hot Springs.