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Follow-up sick in jordan

• Colmar Company interviews the approved physicians upon the patient request to take an appointment that suits the patient arrangement. That action avoids waste of time in searching for physicians due to unavailability of appointments;

• Colmar Company is committed to provide advice and guidance for medical journeys honestly and transparently.

• When the patient arrives to Amman International Airport, our staff receives the patient and his/her relatives in the reception room and accompanies them to their destination, noting that movement and accommodation is optional.

• Our staff provide support in Passports Department to finalize the entry formalities, accompany you to receive you bags and deliver you in our brad-new cars to pre-selected residence location.

• Colmar Company provides ambulance in emergency cases upon request at airports and land borders.

• Provision of accommodation upon your request. Colmar Company provides booking 3 stars, 4 stars and 5 stars hotels or residential apartment in the most beautiful neighborhoods in Amman.