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Distinctive hospitals

Al Khalidi Hospital & Medical Center (KHMC)
KHMC is highly equipped and internationally qualified to provide comprehensive healthcare services and specialized medical treatment, accommodated in our expanding state-of-the-art modernized Center and safeguarded by the expert medical team and staff.
Istiklal Hospital
Al-Istiklal Hospital was inaugurated under Royal patronage on the Independence Day of Jordan (25/5/2001). With an exclusive architectural design, the Hospital was constructed on Al-Istiklal Street, in the heart of Amman, and near the Ministry of Interior Circle, with a distinctive message that reflects the medical progress in Jordan, including doctors, nurses and administrative cadres. The Hospital is equipped with all the necessary technological capabilities that contributed to attracting and vitalizing therapeutic tourism, alongside with hotel services and highly sophisticated apparatus and computers.
From this perspective, Al-Istiklal Hospital has a vision to become a leading educational entity, on local, regional and global levels. Such endeavors fall in line with the Royal directives of HM King Abdullah II, to make Jordan a pioneering country in medical services.
Ibn al-Haytham Hospital
Ibn al-Haytham Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Jordan generally and in Middle East specifically on 26-3-1996 in providing medical services, technical and otolaryngology, where the absorptive capacity 200 beds, and clinics of jurisdiction in the hospital (38) clinic covering all medical specialties.
The administration of Ibn al-Haytham Hospital is seeking access to the highest levels of medical and scientific development in line with the specifications and standards, and seeks to achieve and provide quality health services in all medical fields to serve the people of Jordan and the Arab world. That requires that the hospital’s administration worked hard to provide the medical staff, nursing and technical qualification , appropriate to all sections of the hospital, as well as provide the latest medical equipment and follow the latest findings of the science of diagnosis and treatment.
Gardens Hospital
Gardens Hospital is a private hospital that includes all medical specializations. Established in 2014, Gardens Hospital is one most prestigious and modern hospitals at local and international levels in providing medical services to patients and reviewers using the latest technology, medical equipment, and its highly qualified medical staff.

Istishari Hospital
Istishari Hospital, a leader in innovation, comprehensive, and state of the art medical care in Jordan. The Istishari Hospital focuses on the curative factors for our patients but we continue to set the bar with our curative approach to patient care. Surveys have shown that Jordanian and international patients choose Istishari Hospital not only for our investment in the highest state of the art equipment, but for a solid reputation of care, transparency, and good governance.