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Reception and hospitality

We provide reception services, hotel booking services and rooms’ management services. A reception and healthcare employee provides healthcare services and personal aid that are specifically designed to meet the clients’ needs. That employee can guide you on your route and inform you about the tourist location in Jordan. 
Medical and Administrative Follow-up: 

-Each sickness case is diagnosed through receiving and analyzing the patients’ reports and identifying the suitable medication according to health condition and duration of staying at hospital.

-A hospital that suits the sick is chosen and then the physician who enjoys the needed experience in that area.

-The hospital administration and physicians issue an initial medical report on the sick status.

-Issuing an estimative financial report on the treatment costs without taking account to complications, God forbid-

. Provision of the proper accommodation for patients who can not move in light of their health conditions and in a good room at the hospital.  

-Physicians and hospital administration  checks medical reports daily and develop final medical report (in Arabic and English) when the patient leaves the hospital. That report states the patient condition, treatment, medical advises.

-A general physician is entrusted to follow-up the condition of patients with chronic diseases.

-Provision of medication inside and outside the hospital as prescribed by the physician and physical and occupational therapist. Supply all equipment and medical devices. We can send specialized physician in all chronic diseases (visiting physician). We provide ambulance helicopters.

-In case death, the specialized physician takes the medical measure and procedures and develops a medical report about the reasons behind death.

-Third parties are welcomed to provide specialized physicians as per the agreement between our company and third party to ensure the patients’ rights and medical procedures to be taken.