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Medical Tourism Company in jordan

Jordan enjoys many privileges that makes it “the country of choice” for Arab and foreign patients in the area of medical services. Jordan’s geographic location and stability are among those factors. From this ground, our company was mainly established to attract patient in a professional, organized and manner in coordination and medical follow-up.


Ahmad Abu Shaikha

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With over 10 years of experience, our team is highly professional in providing medical services.

Why Colmar?
For over ten years of excellence and service in medical tourism, we have been the first in Jordan and the best in the Middle East in serving patients for treatment in Jordan.
At Colmar, we are dedicated to ensuring that patients receive all necessary medical services to the fullest extent. We fulfill our humanitarian and professional duty in treating patients' physical and psychological health in the best hospitals in Jordan with the most skilled doctors in the Middle East and Jordan. We provide medical consultation before arrival, airport reception, and accommodation in the most modern and suitable places for the patient. We offer transportation, and what distinguishes Colmar in medical tourism services and logistical services is our focus on medical follow-up, patient follow-up, treatment follow-up, and follow-up after the treatment ends.

Jordan is your ideal destination for medical treatment and medical tourism.

Jordan is called the Switzerland of the Middle East. Although it is a relatively small country, it enjoys security, safety, and modern facilities. The country is distinguished by its rich history, general stability, economic progress, wonderful hospitality, stunning landscapes, natural wonders, and natural resorts. Jordan is a beacon of religious tolerance, harmony, and peaceful coexistence.

Medical Tourism in Jordan

The Medical tourism in Jordan is your first destination due to Jordan's large collection of expert doctors in various well-known and rare medical specialties, along with medical tourism hospitals that attract tourists to visit Jordan without hesitation for treatment purposes.



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